Tim Bainton

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for fitness entrepreneurs

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Tim Bainton

coaching + consulting
for fitness entrepreneurs

Be Great Today, Be Remembered Tomorrow.

want to make more
as a coach or trainer?

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Tim has presented a wide range of topics at many of the industry's largest conferences.

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Who Is Tim Bainton?

the tennis entrepreneurship authority

Tim Bainton is the founder and head executive of Blue Chip Sports Management and Centre Court Holdings, two of tennis' most innovative enterprises. He has also coached many top-ranked junior tennis competitors in his 15-year career. Today he serves as a strategic consultant to some of the biggest names in the fitness industry, with a focus on improving club visibility, revenue, operational efficiency, and member retention.

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Sarah Stone

Tim is one of the brightest minds I have ever worked with. He has a very hands-on approach and has the ability to engage our members. We have seen significant growth in our membership since Tim joined the team, he is a true visionary that we are very lucky to have on our board.

Sarah Stone

Chief Executive Officer of the Women's Tennis Coaching Association



Tim Bainton is a longtime colleague, business partner and friend. He is constantly striving for a competitive edge. His amazing business acumen is unique in this industry. His drive, determination and belief in himself and his team are untouched. Together we have made huge strides to grow Blue Chip Sports Management.

He is one of the best developmental coaches in the country, with a unique mentoring style that has developed multiple sectional #1’s. It's exciting to be part of such an entrepreneurial and brilliant vision.

Patrick Escalambre

Blue Chip Sports Management Tournament Director


Tim is a consummate tennis professional who knows every aspect of tennis, from coaching and training to management and business development. It's rare to find a professional such as Tim who can teach, lead teams, execute business strategies, and stay ahead of the curve in the tennis industry.
He is simply superb.

Michelle Tack

Regional Sales Executive, Concur


Tim is the ultimate professional! Not only does he have the knowledge to help his students excel on court, he also has the business acumen to complete the whole professional package. He has the respect of the tennis industry and he continues his educational journey every day by attending conventions, workshops, and seminars to further himself!

Kevin Brandalik

LTC/BT High Performance Tennis Coach


Tim is a great coach and manager, with whom I've had many opportunities to exchange ideas and philosophies about running large tennis programs. Tim is without a doubt one of the best in his field.

Gaurav Malhotra

Owner, GM Tennis


Tim is a smart and highly diversified business man and tennis professional. I have worked with Tim on the Breast Cancer fund raiser and found him to be very capable and creative.

Alon Moritz

Chief Executive Officer at HiTECH Assets, LLC. Baltimore, Maryland Area


Tim is a high energy, lively and great business ideas in sports management and tennis coaching. I first met Tim in Hilton Head Island, SC and immediately connected with him. Coming to find out, we were both from the same area, Northern Virginia area. We have been great friends then and I have seen a lot of Tim's work in play and highly recommend him to anyone that will like his services. There are very few visionaries in our industry and I fully endorse Tim as one of them visionaries in the tennis arena.

Eben Donkor

Jr. Team Tennis Director at McLean Racquet and Health Club Chantilly, Virginia


Tim is a very well organized administrator within the player development and sports management fields. I highly recommend his quality.

Blake Murry

"It is not the desire but the will that matters" Blake Murry Botswana


Tim is an effective and accomplished tennis coach and businessman. I started playing tennis under the instruction of Tim and his High Performance classes at Mount Vernon Athletic Club at the age of 16. In two short years, I went from sitting on the bench on my high school tennis team to playing Division 1 tennis at Monmouth University. He continues to be an excellent coach and has always taken an interest in my college career.

In addition to being coached by Tim, I have also had the privilege of working for him. His tennis programs are organized, cater to all levels, and produce results. Tim's knowledge of the business world, particularly management, is reflected in his work. I have enjoyed being coached by him and working for him.


Sarah (Turner) Jackson

Real Estate and Property Management Washington D.C. Metro Area


Tim is a top line professional who has excelled at each opportunity that is presented to him. Tim has the ability to balance the need for the business side with the personal shake of a hand.

Steve Rieve

CEO at Rieve Consulting, LLC Fairfax, Virginia


Simply put, Tim is the best tennis coach in the area. His innate love of the game is reflected in his dedication to his students and in the effort he puts into creating dynamic drills in which he partakes- a rare quality among coaches in cardio tennis classes. The results of Tim's instruction speak for themselves in match wins. I would absolutely recommend Tim to both young children and adults.

Lauren Sadulsky

Project Manager- Global Business Services at Beam Suntory New York, New York


To Whom It May Concern:

I had the privilege to work with Tim Bainton for a mixture of private, small group, and large group lessons from spring 2006 to spring 2009. I started as a beginner in tennis, and with his help, developed to a starter on my high school team with the opportunity to play in college.

As an instructor, Tim was relentless in recognizing areas of my game which needed improvement but more importantly he taught me to think independently and to understand how to identify the mistake. After isolating the area of improvement, Tim would provide clear direction and encouragement after each hit. Tim is knowledgeable, committed, inspiring, and an overall well-balanced coach.

He is one of the most skilled instructors I have had the chance to work with; from his ability to connect with a variety of ages and level of play, to his passion for the game. He maintains a high level of professionalism and always puts the student first. I especially appreciated his ability to motive his students to perform at their highest potential, but at the same time remain conscious of the limitations of each player to prevent unnecessary injury.

I have witnessed Tim’s ability to lead and teach a group of students, and on the hottest of days everyone still leaves the court with a smile. Tim was able to organize an assortment of exercises to enhance each player’s game in a positive learning environment. His enthusiasm is infectious where one cannot help but strive to be better.

Tim has an excellent reputation which exceeds the tennis communities in Fairfax, Burke, and Alexandria for his ability to motivate and instruct all ages of tennis players. I believe his expertise, high energy, and leadership make him a great asset to any organization. Tim Bainton is a brilliant tennis instructor, and I would recommend him in his pursuits without reserve.

Kaitlin Kallini

Senior User Experience Designer at Deloitte Digital Washington D.C. Metro Area


Since Tim's arrival at Mount Vernon Athletic Club, the program has grown ten-fold. It is now part of the ever expanding Blue Chip Tennis Academy, Tim's creation, which has instructors in over 20 locations throughout Virginia and Maryland. His vision to grow the love of tennis, the education of tennis, and the business of tennis is inspiring.

Maggie Britvec

Owner at A Step Above Property Management, L.L.C Alexandria, Virginia


Tim is the perfect leader for an organization focused on developing young tennis players from all walks of life. Emerging juniors under Blue Chip Sports Management (BCSM) will compete well for college scholarships and rank high on the regional and national level. Under Tim’s leadership the organization already has ranked juniors under his tutelage. A solid and dedicated tennis professional with skills that have not only garnered the Mt Vernon Athletic Club with numerous tennis instruction and club awards, but combine these concepts under BCSM by linking clubs and sharing strategies and you end up with a recipe for developing players that love tennis and instruction that pushes their successes to the next level. I recommend Tim and his team to any tennis player looking to take their competitive abilities up a notch.

Lawrence Brundidge, Member Mount Vernon Athletic Club

Lawrence Brundidge

Colonel (USAF Ret) - Results oriented problem solver and leader Washington D.C. Metro Area


With Tim's exceptional knowledge of coaching tennis paired with unprecedented drills and games, his clients will constantly be learning and improving in every aspect of their game.

Donovan Lawhorn

Risk Analyst at Fannie Mae Washington D.C. Metro Area


Tim was great with the kids in tennis...both in class and privates.
They worked very hard and still had fun.
My kind of lesson.
My son just mentioned Tim the other day and said that he was his favorite coach.
Too bad we moved ::))

Kirsten Heginbottom

Homeschooling mom Austin, Texas


Tim has gone above and beyond in an effort to support my daughter's mission to become the best she can in Tennis. Tim invited Sapir to play on a full scholarship basis during the last Winter (2014) at MTVAC. This enabled Sapir not only to stay in shape during one of the toughest winters we experiences in the DC area for years, but also during this period - Sapir made her best achievement so far in the International Arena - by beating one of the best players in Europe at Eddie Herr international in Florida. Tim, with his vast knowledge and connections also helped us pave the road to a full sponsorship package Sapir has received from Wilson. For all of these and more - I would like to thank Tim and recommend anyone who is looking to excel in tennis - to go for Tim's services. All the best. Gil


Real Estate Specialist at The K Company Realty, LLC Boca Raton, Florida


I first learned tennis under the instruction of Tim Bainton. He turned me from this clumsy cow on the court to something a bit more respectable. Under his instructions, I was able to improve my game significantly and was able to play high school tennis as a result. He has an incredible understanding of the game as well as passion for it. He really tries his hardest to determine what each individual needs to improve his game rather than giving generic instructions to the group.If anyone was looking for someone to learn tennis from at any level, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them Tim.

Shean Kim

Software Engineer at Shift Technologies, Inc. Washington D.C. Metro Area


Tim is a charismatic, great problem solver that knows how to build a strong team.

Huy Do

Technology Specialist Washington D.C. Metro Area


I find Tim’s knowledge of tennis and teaching techniques to be outstanding. He is able to connect with adults as well as children in learning how to play the game, as well as helping skilled players to effectively focus on the areas that need improvement. I highly recommend Tim for any future business endeavors.

Leslie Armstrong

Certified Program Manager/Management Specialist Washington D.C. Metro Area


Tim embodies the terms excellence and professionalism. I have never worked so closely with someone who shows such expertise in the area of tennis and business. I always look forward to working closely with Mr. Bainton. It is always a pleasure.

Helen Li

Leadership Gift Officer at Sidwell Friends School Washington D.C. Metro Area


Tim is a forward-thinking entrepreneur in the tennis industry. He has set very aggressive growth targets for his business and possess the experience and leaderships skills necessary to execute plans in both the short and long term. It has been a pleasure working with Tim the past 12 months and I look forward to continuing our partnership well into the future.

Greg Biorkman

National Account Manager at Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Chicago, Illinois


I have known Tim for a few years. His attention to detail on and off the tennis court is well known. I would recommend him for future business endevours.

Jim Scott

Director of Tennis at Hollow Rock Racquet and Swim Club Durham, North Carolina


Tim is innovative and strategic in all that he does and pursues. He tirelessly puts himself on the front lines in order to create the best and most enduring product he can, namely Blue Chip Sports Management. Tim is constantly learning, whether it's in the classroom or on the court and strives to bring the newest and most sound teaching to those he encounters. I've had the privilege of working for and with Tim and would highly recommend him.

Bob Gullo

Mentoring (Volunteer) Fairfax, Virginia


Great young man with a great work ethic. Can't get much better than this.

Dr. Dave Marshall

Womens Tennis Coach at Delaware State University Greater Philadelphia Area


Tim is an enthusiastic and personable tennis coach. Our SSSAS athletes and parents enjoyed working with Tim due to his tennis expertise, leadership skills, and approachability.

Laura Bays

Health & Sexuality Educator at St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School Washington D.C. Metro Area


Tim is a dedicated and motivated manager. A fine player and coach.

Michael Coleman

Former Head Tennis Coach at Nova Southeastern University Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area


Tim is a really talented, capable and motivational tennis coach and leader. Both of my sons now teenagers have advanced significantly in their capabilities and the sport of tennis based on Tim advanced performance training programs and personal tennis instruction. I highly recommend his programs and personal instruction.

Douglas e. Goldstein

Growth, Value and Performance Fairfax, Virginia


Tim runs great programs and great clubs... he is a life-long learner at present at most of the conferences I attend world-wide.

Jorge Capestany

Founder at Capestany Tennis Inc. Holland, Michigan


After a 10+ year tennis sabbatical, I knew I would need to play as much as possible to get back to where I left off. So, I decided to go the MTVAC route because I was intrigued by the no court fee, which is such a rarity in the NOVA/DC area, and the access to high-quality, well-regarded tennis pros. Although I would like to say that my improvement is due to my hard work, I know I wouldn’t be where I am without the guidance from the one-on-one lessons with Tim. He has provided the much needed advice and expertise while showing amazing patience with my tennis quirks. The most valuable aspect to Tim's teaching style is his remarkable ability to explain and/or demonstrate a particular concept in different ways. When I don't seem to be able to apply his advice on the court, he is quick to acknowledge it and modify/alter the explanation until I am able to effectively demonstrate it.

Genevieve Alley

Patent Examiner at United States Patent and Trademark Office Washington D.C. Metro Area


Tim Bainton is a pioneer in the Tennis Industry. He has strategically positioned his company to be the leading source for Tennis Instruction and Health Club Management in the Mid-Atlantic and they are poised to grow beyond. His level of passion, integrity and ambition is unmatched. As a working professional it is easy to admire and learn from Tim and his Professional Team. Tim has always been willing to take me under his wing and to be there as a Role Model and shoulder to lean on as I have developed my own professional career track.

Pat (P.T.) Mulquin

Customer Engagement Executive at SAP Greater San Diego Area


Tim has coached our children for the past seven years. During that time, Tim and BCTA tennis professionals' attention to detail, focus on stroke mechanics and mental aspects of the game have helped our children's tennis skills to improve markedly and their love of tennis has continued to grow. Blue Chip coaches are encouraging, yet provide a disciplined, fun environment for learning the game of tennis. The coaches help all players learn to correct their own errors and modify necessary elements of their games to succeed. BCTA tennis is a well-rounded instructional and competitive program that develops the whole player by incorporating a tennis-specific fitness training session at each class to ensure that players are also developing good fitness habits.

The high quality, consistent coaching provided by Tim and all Blue Chip Tennis Academy coaches is top-notch

Kate Thompson

Former Intelligence Officer at Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Washington D.C. Metro Area

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